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"Life without music is mistake" Friedrich Nietzsche


Who we are?

We are an independent production company and publisher, focused on individual musical & art  projects as well as direct contact with the musician & artists and its artistic work.
The base of our work is the satisfaction and benefits of a musician & artists – and at the end or primarily, satisfaction of a listener and and viewer.



This word is our main motto of our company – which also distinguishes us from the mainstream of the major production companies and the mainstream of the world and at the same time does not limit us in any way.

If you are looking for a fast career with us try not to waste your time.
If you have the talent and the power to struggle, we will help you to earn your success working hard.

Although we strive to be independent, we work with professional musicians , recording studios and art galleries.

Our goal is to release what you have in yourself and what your soul sings.


Look at our history and ask yourself, is it worth it? 
Coming to us you need to know that you’re ready for a new chapter in your life.


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